Dudhkunda (Sacred Milk Lake) – Nature’s Hidden Pearl

Dudhkunda trek is unrealistic natural beauty surrounded by mountains. With rich religious belief and beautiful nature view, the height of Dudhkunda is 4560m . This hidden pearl might be the best Nepal travel trek in 2022.

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Solukhumbu is a Himalayan district, with Salleri as its headquarter. Mount Everest the highest peak of the world is in the northern part of this district. The southern part have Dudhkunda, one of the beautiful short trek route of Nepal. With the height 4560m, we will be able to see the magnificent beauty of the Himalayan range.

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Dudhkunda which translated to “Milky Lake” is situated in one of the naturally rich mountaineer area in Nepal. This is one of the best short trekking place to explore mountains and nature in Nepal. The trek takes beautiful trail through different cultures to marvel in the beauty of Himalayas.


There are various myth about Dudhkunda. According to the mythology of Buddhist, Manjushree lord have make Dudhkunda by hiding the water of Kathmandu valley to drain the lake by cutting Chovar hill and according to the mythology of Hindu, Samudra Manthan (the churning of the sea) is said to have taken place. The scripture describes the sea lies in between two mountains i.e. Mt. Numbur and Mt. Karalung.

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Sharing Experience from Travelers

1st day- It was 5 O’ Clock in the morning we went to Koteshwor from Baneshwor where our reserved Sumo(small size bus) was waiting for us. We reached Solukhumbu after 10 hours travel. We stayed at Salleri that night.

Next morning we went to Taksindu which was 3 hours ride from Salleri. We decided to stay there to explore that place. There was a beautiful school, Gumba, Jungle of Rhododendron and Diamond shining between the clouds “Dudhkunda Mountain”.

Our destination Dudhkunda trek was in front of our eyes. All got excited and ate food and went to take rest. Next morning we packed all the thing necessary for the Trek. It was continuous 13 hours trek to reach to Beni where there were small tents to spend night and next day It was 7 hours trek to reach Dudhkunda.

Dudh Kunda

We started our trek on the 3rd day of our journey. After 1 hour of continuous travel, the way was covered with snow. We started enjoying the snow and with music and dance to almost cover half way to Beni. We took a long rest and had our food. Then we went to sleep because of -25degree temperature and at 3500m above from sea level, we felt difficult to breath and sleep.

Next morning we woke up at 5’0 clock and took some tea and potatoes for the way and started our trek to Dudhkunda. After 1 hour of walking we saw beautiful sunrise and we were surrounded by golden mountain. The view was tremendous. We felt “This is the best tourist destination yet to discover well. We got more excited and started traveling.

At a far distance we saw White mountain in front of us and Dudhkunda. A full milk white water covered with ice and snow, the perfect view to be relaxed and get the perfect picture. It is the best trek of our life till date. There was small stone temple of lord Shiva and Setidevi.

The Dudhkunda weather was perfect, the scene was perfect, the air, the water everything was so perfect. Staying there for 4-5 hours we cane back to Beni and ate food and slept. The view was mesmerizing and breath taking. With the beauty of nature everyone was numbed and very happy. Besides joyful moment, there was a severe body pain and tonsils due to -19 Degree Celsius.

Next morning we walk back to Taksindu. We were so tired so we decided to come next day by airway so we went to Phaplu airport and we took flight to came back to Kathmandu.


Day 1 – Travel from Kathmandu to Salleri.

Day 2 – Travel from Salleri to Taksindu.

Day 3 – Trekking from Taksindu to Beni.

Day 4 – Trek from Beni to Dudhkunda and back to Beni.

Day 5 – Trek back to Taksindu.

Day 6 – Back to Phaplu for flight.

Day 7 – Back to Kathmandu.

Estimated Dudhkunda trek cost per person $ (Rs.)

Our 6 night 7 days full travel cost was around $400-$500 including air way transportation per person. But if you are traveling in a group then there might be a lot of good offers too so grab the opportunity to treat yourself a best vacation.


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